Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley to say exchange the vows in Gold Coast.

According to Woman’s Day, the Aussies Actress has finally decided to marry Tom Ackerley-her long-term boyfriend. They have dated for three years. Margot Robbie and her boyfriend Tom Ackerley have fully concurred in holding their wedding in Gold Coast. Gold Coats is home to Margot Robbie. So, she will not only be heading home for the holidays but also to tie the knot.

Holding their wedding in Gold Coast means a lot for Margot Robbie. A close friend revealed to Woman’s Day that, “Margot Robbie has always wanted to hold her wedding in Gold Coast.” This is because she was raised here as a child on her grandparent’s farm.

Tom, who is British, idea was that the wedding should take place in the UK. However, because of how special it is for Margot to say “I DO” on home soil, he has agreed that they exchange vows in Gold Coast. The wedding venue and date remain a secret between them.

The couple has agreed to marry around Christmas. All this is to make sure that afterward, they spend ample and quality time with both families. Actually, it will be special since they have never done it before.